Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Villa Cofresi

When we went to Puerto Rico, I was expecting bright, sunny blue skies that I could photograph all day long.  But when we arrived, the weather quickly turned gray.  It isn't gray often in Puerto Rico, but for almost three days, it was more gray than sunny.  On this morning, after being so frustrated with NOT being able to photograph the images I had envisioned, I finally just let my imagination wander.  Why not work with what I had?  Cloudy days can be fantastic for black and white images.  So with my camera still set to capture images in RAW mode, I switched my picture settings to black and white with a sepia tone, and then fired away.  The images that appeared on the back of my screen were wonderful sepia throwbacks to a different era.  And the Villa Cofresi looks like it was built sometime in the 1930's.  It just has that classic look. 


1 comment:

  1. I like that shot, but I would have said it looks like the 1950s. Either way it evokes the glamour of a past era.

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