Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Welcome Brody

Hi all! I've recently become a father for the second time. To celebrate the occassion, I also recently jumped into the HDDSLR world by purchasing a refurbished eos 7d directly from Canon through their loyalty program. If you don't know about this program and you're a Canon shooter, you might be able to get a great deal. Google "Canon Loyalty Program" and you'll find plenty of information.

Here's the first video I have uploaded of little Brody, born on February 25th. The poor little guy has the hiccups here. He seems to be like "what's going on here, what's happening".

So far I have been amazed by the 7d. It's an upgrade in every way over my old Xti. I love the large viewfinder, it's ability to focus really well in low light, and it's low noise at high ISO's compared to my older camera. So far, It's been a great purchase, and I can't wait to take more images and share them right here.