Sunday, June 28, 2009

Megan's Headshot- Strobist Boot Camp

I've been following the strobist blog for quite some time now. And late last winter, I purchased a lightstand, umbrella, flash swivel mount, and some Cactus V2 triggers to get my camera off flash. I really hadn't done much with the setup, and I had really wanted to start shooting people. Strobist's recent boot camp series got me off my duff. The assignment was to do a head shot of someone you know, and have them take a picture of you using the same setup. Not enough time for a picture of me, but I'm really happy how this image of Megan turned out.

Vivitar 285hv, camera left, shoot through umbrella, fill bounced off wall. Background darkened in photoshop, area around Megan left light for emphasis.



  1. I love the picture! She sure is photogenic! Of course, we already knew that, but this pic just reinforces that! I'm glad to see you photographing some human subjects, too!

  2. Tom: What a great photo, Megan is definetly happy with the results.